There are so many communities, groups, individuals; all striving to address the need for a more sustainable world - A world without hunger, regenerating ecosystem, Energy conservation, Recycling, Upcycling. All of this directed towards solving the problems and complications we ourselves have created.

We are a team of people who would like to enable and work with each of you as an individual to understand simple and possible ways to improve the quality of all our lives while passing on a greener planet to our descendants.

Our mission is to collaboratively build with hope, optimism, and creativity for more sustainable ways of living. We strongly believe that together we can change how the world perceives about how to lead and live richer, happier lives while fostering sustainable relationships with our local environments and the whole earth ecosystem at the same time.

Knowing where we are coming from allows us to choose where we’d like to go.

The world around always wants to share its abundance, it’s on us to be open, realize it and accept it. We could see how important it is to share this fact of life with people around to help them realize what it means to be connected to earth, to nature in order to realize that everything around us is all interconnected.

More and more we started thinking towards self-sustained living, we strongly felt the need to form and get connected with community of people who are moving towards the same goal to make a difference in how they look, deal and solve today’s problems.

We strongly believe, together we can impact, make a difference and bring the change.

From the beginning Vrksa’s vision is to focus on identifying a lifestyle that’s being less reliant on the system and become self-sufficient. We strongly believe in the simple pleasures of faith, family and everyday living with what nature provides in abundance.

Passion towards Indian art and culture and how it creates a huge impact on our lives to be self-sufficient as a way of Sustaining Culture, inspiration towards supporting the artisans, Started closely work with numerous artisans and artists from remote villages in India and created an entity called MayaVrksa.

Vrksa as an entity started exploring ways to strengthen the community to build a healthy and self sustained lifestyle, the branches of Vrksa reached out to find couple of other ways to spread awareness to people and the world through food & personal care products that are naturally available. This reinforced us to get started with JivaVrksa, all natural way to a Sustainable lifestyle.

We all know “Anything can happen over a tea!”; How about a place to take it easy, sip a natural black tea made of best ingredient we identified, boiled to the right temperature it needs to and a bite of a homemade cookie made right out of natural ingredients. Yes! When you shop around our collection of Handicrafts or our natural food and personal care products, feel free to walk in and see what’s happening in EkaVrksa, more than just a regular cafe.

As the journey towards natural food for self sustained living was progressing; we at Vrksa thought how cool it would be for all likeminded people to meet at a place, to just sit around and talk.. read.., to educate people who come in and want to learn more about how to change their lifestyle from what's regular. We created an entity called Vrksa LifeSpace.

At Vrksa, we strongly believe in bringing the change together. To encourage, help learn, unlearn and to promote sustainable lifestyle to interested people, we constantly work closely with individuals and groups of people who are just not aligned but live a day to day sustainable lifestyle.

We conduct variety of sessions directed and guided by the experts with focus on sustainable living, where we encourage individuals to participate to understand and lead affordable ways to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. By participating, we honestly believe that you can contribute towards making this world a better place to live.


If you are serious about experiencing what real happiness means, what will make things better for you and your family, here are set of tools handpicked by us. Please follow and pick up the schedule you might be interested in and drop us your details, we will be more than happy to remind you right on time before the scheduled event.


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